Being Healthy…What Does it Mean Exactly?

Being Healthy

We are constantly being bombarded by the health, diet, beauty and fitness industries to live a more healthy life. But what does this mean exactly? I have been running since the age of 8, and consistently training since the age of 17. I have worked with some of the best professionals around. With all my education and experience over the last 25 years, I can definitely tell you what “healthy” is not.

What Health Is Not

Living a healthy life is much more than going to the gym and trying to eat better. If only it were that easy! It is not about continuously being on a diet, juicing, starving yourself, trying to fit into those jeans you bought six months ago. Nor is it about the number on the scale, the size on the tag of your pants. It is not about going to the gym seven days a week, doing hot yoga to “detox” your system, or jumping on board a new health craze to try to get a “quick fix” only to give up 3 weeks later either.

I have been the “victim” of all of these thought processes and I sometimes learned some hard lessons. Even with all the information and knowledge that we instantly have available to us now, I continue to see people on these self destructive paths of what is deemed healthy.

What Healthy Is

Yes, being healthy is about getting some form of regular exercise and trying to eat better by consuming less processed foods, sugar and “bad fats”. But unfortunately this isn’t enough. Health is also about what you are saying and thinking. It’s about how you interact with others and what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis. To be deemed “healthy” is to abide by a holistic approach to yourself and to your life.

A Holistic Approach

A holistic approach is one that includes: physical activity, a diet that leaves you feeling good, energized and comfortable in your cloths, choosing to be around people who only uplift and support you, finding ways to recharge on a daily basis, having a positive mindset, being present in the moment that you are in, and probably the most important is loving yourself no matter what. The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone with all your other relationships and interactions. And the better you love yourself, the more you will prioritize taking the best care of youraelf. This is very important to remember.

You can be extremely fit, have great body composition, and eat very well. But if you are riddled with anxiety, self doubt, self hatred, keep toxic people in your life, and have a negative mindset…you are not living your healthiest life.

How do you

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  1. In just a few paragraphs you have captured the essence …..thank you for writing this Angela , I’ ve discovered that it’s all about taking “baby steps” in the right direction and to honour / respect oneself enough to commit …I’m still learning ( and struggling ) at this late stage in my life BUT I’m on the journey !

    1. Terrie, you have made SO many positive changes in the past year for you & your girls! Be proud of that! Look at how far you have come, not how far you have left to go! Baby steps..yes! And keep going! Thanks for reading and for your kind words. 💜

  2. Thank You Angela for sharing this insight on the true essence of what healthy is and what it is not. Now let’s start spreading these words and changing the mindset of what a true healthy mind/ body is. Keep up the positive energy Angela! Thank You!

  3. This article really resonated with me. Thank you Angela for this reminder i. Its so easy to get caught up in the latest health or fitness craze and forget the true meaning of healthy. I agree that baby steps and having a positive relationship with oneself will help me to be healthy .

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