Why Push Yourself? Is It Worth It?

Push Yourself..What’s The Point?

Although I have always been a highly motivated and ambitious person, ultmately I never really knew what it was like to push myself until I became really passionate about my running and started to live and train as an athlete. Sure, it feels wonderful and exhilarating when I have a great race and/or end up with a new personal best. But the real reward is self-discovery and personal growth. It’s what I learn about myself along the way in training leading up to each race/event. I often get asked “what is the point of pushing yourself the way you do?” I have even had someone say to me “is it all worth it? It’s not like you will make to the the Olympics at this point”. I can tell you with absolute certainty that is is ALL worthwhile. The early morning workouts before work, juggling family/work/training/, sometimes fitting in two workouts/day, planning meals, sacrificing time with friends because of a big run the following day, nagging little injuries, and often getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in training…it’s ALL worth it!

When I Push Myself

When I push myself, I learn all kinds of things! A variety of qualities surface, things that I may not have seen in myself before..positive and negative. I can clearly see my weaknesses and eventually turn them into strengths. At the same time, I often end up mastering my strengths.Through running, I have discovered who and what I want to be. What kind of woman/mother/athlete that I want to be. There is a “humbling” that occurs and I see people and things in a totally different light. My running has been the greatest teacher and friend, the best life coach that I could have ever asked for. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zones and push yourselves, whatever it is. Just begin, and focus on your day to day achievements. They will surely add up to something big in the end and you will learn so much about yourself! Each time you do this, you raise the bar…attain another level. The self-empowerment alone is enough to motivate you to keep going, you will see!

“Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself “. Mahatma Gandhi



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