When You Forget That You Are Running

Why We Love To Run..

I was talking to my Osteopath last week and we were discussing why we love to run and sharing how we feel when we run. Like me, Bruno has been running since a very young age. As he explained, for him running is a chance to be alone, to wander off, his runs become an existential experience where he feels as though he is separate from his body as if he is looking at himself as an outsider. Then he forgets that he is running! I know this feeling, I can relate to it well.


I have been labeled everything from; addicted, obsessed, crazy, insane, extreme, and much more. Someone even asked me once “what are you running away from?” Now, I usually reply “thanks, I know I am doing something right in my life when someone calls me crazy”. At this point, it’s easier to reply this way than trying to explain and justify my lifestyle. Unless someone is truly interested and is seeking guidance, inspiration, any type of coaching. People often judge what they don’t understand, and it’s fine with me at this stage of my life.

The Best Runs

For me, the BEST runs are when you forget that you are running. It’s when you enter a state of “flow” and you feel as though you are flying/floating. You stop running with your feet/legs and your body and mind move as one. You end up in a meditative state. These are the types of runs where I describe as “ending up on another planet” in my training journal. Even during the hardest runs and/or during races where I have to get “comfortable with being uncomfortable”, I am often SO focused, SO centered, that I am my most present in time. It’s like magic! For that short while (or long while depending on the length of the run/race), nothing and no one else exists. No interruptions, nothing else to do, no thinking of yesterday or tomorrow, it’s just me in the present time of the run.

What Are You Running From?

To answer the question “what are you running from?” I like to think that I am running TO something. I am running towards; peace, silence, my centered self, gratitude, and a time where I can be ever so present which is becoming so rare in our society these days with so much to distract us. And yes, running is addictive…if you are doing it right. 🙂

How do you feel when you run? Or if you don’t run, is there something else that you are passionate about that affects you so deeply? Please share in comments below!



  1. I enjoy reading you and I say hats off to you for the incredible work you do ❤️ You are an inspiration to All of us. I wish I had a quarter of willing power as you ! Congratulations Bella ❤️

  2. Great insight. I know understand the meditative possibilities of running, took me a while to get there and it wasn’t my initial goal as running was merely a tool in my desire to get fit. Now running is far more purposeful and I’m much more alert to the potential of my mind and body. It’s a state of oneness that has eluded me in everything else and I now find integral.,
    I love your inspirational post and always appreciate your valuable insight.
    Many thanks

    1. Stephen, I am SO thrilled to hear this from you! It’s nice to know that there are others out there that share my feelings about running and how meaningful it can be, how much it can add to your life. Thank you for your kind words and all your support. And thanks for taking the time to read my stuff, I really apprecaite it!

  3. What a beautiful insight of the world of running. I like that you have asked the question, What makes other people feel that same oneness with themselves? Mine is yoga! No matter what it is, the power is in the act of finding out what it is and taking the time for ourselves to do it, and the key is doing it……Guilt Free! Thank You for being your magically, beautiful, authentic self Angela. Love you. 🏃😘

    1. Suzanne, thank you for your insight, feedback and for your kind words! I am happy to hear that you have yoga that gives you the same feelings/experience as running does for me. It’s so important to have something, whatever it is (like you said)! xox

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