The Need For Running In My Life

No Running

There is nothing like not being able to run to humble you some more and to remind you why you run, and why you need it in your life. Although I am getting better, I haven’t taken ONE footstrike in 6 weeks. Unfortunately, I was injured ten days before my last race of this amazing comeback season. It happens…and I am dealing with it on all levels the best way I know how at the moment. It helps to be blessed with such a wonderful support system from my husband, to my coach, to all my “healing team” as I now refer to them! I try my best not to take my abilty to run and my health for granted, but sadly it’s often during the rough patches in our lives where we really take notice at how important something or someone is to us.

Not What You May Think

It’s funny, I don’t need running in my life for the conventional and typical reasons that people may think. It has very little to do the endorphins. I do not get a runner’s high everytime I run. And it has nothing to do with being “addicted”, or using running as a coping mechanism, or “running away” from my problems. I actually like to think that I am often running “to something”! And I am certainly not trying to prove anything to anyone. Believe it or not, I have had people assume all this and more and have had no issues giving themselves permision to label me. People often judge what they don’t understand…and that’s ok.

A Year Without Running

Actually, I spent a year without running from Nov 2015-Nov 2016. I learned other ways of coping with stress and anxiety, I learned how to swim well, I started cycling and I continued strength training and consistently working on mobilty and flexibilty on a regular basis. Even when I started to run again, I continued with all of the above and I focused on my all around athleticism (as I still do now). Athlete first, runner second! Being an “all around” athlete makes me a better runner, that’s for sure! I don’t need running to “live”. But it does provide me with an amplified existence…

Why I Need Running

Running provides me with a gateway to my authentic self. I used to be ashamed of who I was, what I stood for. I was always afraid to be who I really was, this is no longer true. Running gives me inner strength. It shows me that anything is possible if you work hard enough and stay committed. It allows me to push myself like nothing else and fight through the hard times on and off the road.

Through running, I have developed the courage and perseverence to overcome despair and the assurance that I will be fine no matter what. Oftentimes, it transcends me to another time and place simply through the simple act of it. I crave and need the type of movement that only running can I am floating through air. Running tends to bring and keep the best people into my life and has showed me who my real friends are. Above all else, I am the most present in time when I run. It is just me and the sounds of my breath and feet hitting the ground beneath me.

Best Of Friends

Over the past 6 weeks, I realized that I need running in my life much more than I need to train for races, compete and run fast. Running has always been the greatest friend to me. Right now, I just miss my best friend. Although I have referred to this quote before, I can’t seem to find another one that sums it ALL up for me. “Nothing in my life has ever broken my heart the way running has. And yet I cannot breathe without it”. Kara Goucher

I hope to be back on the road real soon…thanks for reading. xo


  1. Angel-a….Beautifully written. Thank You for sharing and inspiring us with your journey. Remember, best friends pick up where they left off no matter how long the gap between their last meetup. In those in between moments are our greatest lessons. Thank You for sharing your lessons and making us all feel normal in our struggles. 💐

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